..We are two producers and more importantly, friends, who have come together to create music as "dark energy survey". We come from two different generations with our own unique backgrounds and influences. The fact that we even met and became friends, let alone formed a project together is a coincidence that neither of us could ever truly comprehend.  We hail from New York, a place steeped in electronic music history.  The older of us has seen NYC during the height of the rave scene in the 90s and actively DJ'd throughout this period. 

..Shortly after meeting in early 2011, we started this project with the concept of sharing our ideas and visions with one another.  Throughout this process we have forged a unique ying/yang philosophy that has stood as a foundation for every aspect of our music. We strive to create honest music from the heart with no set intentions on style or genre.  More than anything, we hope that our music will emotionally resonate with people on a real level, and physically move them in the process.  At the present moment our aspirations are to perform live and share our music with real people in real time.